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I was born in Kamloops, British Columbia. I moved to Red Deer, Alberta with my family when I was a teenager and have lived here ever since.

I started fly fishing in 2015, throughout central Alberta and the Rocky Mountains.

I work as a crane operator by trade. Fly fishing + photography started out as a hobby, but it has since turned into a true passion. I spend quite a bit of time putting together our photos and short fishing films.

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I was born and raised in a very small town called Terrace Bay, in Northwestern Ontario, on the north shore of Lake Superior. I moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in 2011 and lived there for 7 years. I then moved to Red Deer, Alberta in 2018.

I started to fly + spey fish in 2015 in and around the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, from Squamish to Chilliwack and everywhere in between.

I work as a Project Manager for a web design and development agency. I have always been a creative person, and I love that I am able to combine it with my passion for fly fishing.

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We met on the backpages of craigslist.

Just kidding.

We actually met on Instagram. We had followed each other for a while, until one day I (Jesse) finally decided to slide into Brandon’s DM’s. A few months later, he mailed me a Valentine’s Day package, that was filled with Oreos, fly tying material, and flies that he had tied himself. The rest is history.

When I flew out to Alberta to meet him for the first time, our first date was an all-day fly fishing trek through knee-deep snow in -30 degree weather. We both agreed afterwards that although it might not of been the best day of fishing, it was still the best first date.

After endless daily texts, meme exchanges, Facetime calls, and a few trips back and fourth between British Columbia and Alberta -- we both became tired of the long distance. We took a huge chance on each other and decided that I (Jesse) should just move to Alberta. I packed up my apartment, I quit my job of 7 years with no new job lined up, and I embarked on a new adventure. We had spent less than 14 days total together in person before I moved in with Brandon, but it was a risk we were willing to take.

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We like to think that we are proof that some things are truely meant to be. We are two peas in a pod. We also added a new furry family member to our house: Jag, our bengal cat.

We fish as much as we can year-round. We support each other on our individual accomplishments in the fishing community, and we are always looking forward to what we can accomplish together as a team. We are also huge supporters of the various initiatives surrounding #5050onthewater.

We can’t thank our family and friends enough for their support and encouragement to persue our wildest dreams in fly fishing.


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